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How to be anonymous [Tutorial]

What is anonymity?

When using the internet we leave a digital footprint through all of the online services we use such as; social media, websites, apps, programs, online accounts, cookies and games. Some of the digital footprint we leave behind can be in the form of personal information such as names, date of births, addresses, emails, phone numbers and also other identifiable information such as your IP addresses or information regarding the machine/device you are using to access such services.

Having anonymity allows you to minimise the risk of your information being used to identify you - which could have all sorts of repercussions like; employers monitoring your activities or government agencies monitoring your activities, services such as facebook, google and amazon tracking your browsing habits through advertising cookies so that they can personalize adverts being delivered to you or track the products you view so that targetted adverts of similar products can be put fed to you.

Will write more when i can be bothered.

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