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SADD.IO: Web-Based Anonymity, Security and Privacy

"As an Anonymity, Security, and Privacy platform, our vision is to provide Ethical Hackers, Businesses, and Government Entities the capability to use the Internet safely and/or secretly. SADD.IO gives Ethical Hackers the ability to anonymously report vulnerabilities found in the wild, Employees now have the ability to freely use the Internet at work without risking the security and integrity of their employer, and Government Entities can now engage targets without any form of culpability. We do this by enabling our diverse set of users to securely control self-disposing desktops that are routed through the Tor network."

Website Link:
Anonymous Article:
White Paper:

  • Great User Experience

  • Anonymity and Non-Culpability

  • Security via Threat Isolation

  • Forensics For Privacy

  • Simplified Regulatory Compliance

  • Easy Deployment, Management, and Support

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